Sexy Flapper Costume

The Breakaway of a Younger Generation

The phrase ‘Flapper’ comes from Great Britain right after World War I – 1914-1918.

It literally means a fledgling, and at that time was used to describe young girls who were still a bit awkward in their ways; young girls who were still ‘flapping’ around trying to find their way.

All That Jazz Sexy Flapper Costume

All That Jazz Sexy Flapper Costume

F.Scott Fitzgerald first used the term in the US describing an ideal flappers as “lovely, expensive, and about nineteen” and in America,as in Great Britain, a flapper became a young girl who was unconventional, a bit silly, flying in the face of authority and of course beautiful and attractive.

Young, fresh, attractive and not afraid to live the lives they want. This is where a sexy flapper costume comes in.

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The Speakeasy was where it all happened.

Dancing, drinking, smoking and mingling with all the men… You had to look hot and sexy and this blue halter neck sexy Flapper dress will have all the boys all hot and bothered.

Don’t forget the opera length sexy long satin gloves, the teasing cigarette holder and the black glitter Jane shoes. Oh, and pout, it works wonders!

adult sexy silvery white flapper costume


To look like a flapper was to look like a boy without losing one’s femininity.

Cropped short hair, no breasts (often they were bonded to achieve a flat chested look), dresses with drop waists so as not to accentuate the waist, and dress lengths that showed the ankles.

There are many variations on the theme now a days and one of them is this silvery white sexy flapper costume.

This microfiber drop waist white dress has draping silver sequin trim with a matching silver sequin headband with feather, and a silver sequin choker neckband. A costume guaranteed to turn many heads.

The dress has removable straps, and the cigarette holder is also included.

Shoes and white stretch elbow gloves are not included.


adult sexy black fringe flapper costume

Clothing was definitely parred down. Who wanted to wear a corset or layers of skirts when you were going to dance the night away swinging and lifting your legs doing the Charleston?

You had to move about freely and those big baggy underwear called pantaloons were also out. You wore “step-ins” my dear.

This red and black fringe sexy flapper costume is a perfect example of shedding all the extra clothing that is not needed.

A red mini flapper dress with a drop down waist, plenty of swinging black fringes, a sexy come hither feather head piece and a long string of faux pearls.

Lady Jane black adult shoes not included

Last generation’s Gibson girls couldn’t believe it. The flappers even cut their hair short like a boys. It was called a “Bob”.

Shimmy, shine and shock this Halloween in your sexy flapper costume!

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